Born in a tank
– to die in a tank

End dolphin captivity. Start here.

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We need $50,000 to make this campaign count.

By sponsoring direct action you can pass legislation, and end dolphin captivity.

Baby Ji-Ling was born into a tiny, chlorinated swimming pool in Coffs Harbour, NSW. He was bred to perform circus tricks, but died swallowing litter in his filthy pool.

The Australian Senate and the RSPCA agree: dolphin captivity is downright cruel. But Dolphin Marine Magic still keeps five dolphins – forcing them to drag heavy tourists around on “rides” in the small pool Ji-Ling died in.

Australia for Dolphins has joined with politicians to announce a bold new bill making dolphin captivity illegal – but it won’t pass without the support of Coffs Harbour locals.

Please chip in now to support the “Convince Coffs” campaign. By sponsoring a direct action you can change the minds of the people who will decide this bill’s fate, and end dolphin captivity.

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The bill could save generations of dolphins from suffering and early death. It has the support of former premier Bob Carr, Labor, the Greens, and the Animal Justice Party.

But the success of the legislation is tied to public reaction in Coffs Harbour. Dolphins suffering in captivity desperately need your help to make it pass.

By sponsoring an action designed to reach as many people as possible, you can make history. You can end dolphin captivity in Australia – starting in NSW.

Please act now - before more baby dolphins are bred to die in a concrete prison cell.

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$25 dollars - Puts 80 flyers directly in the hands of Coffs Harbour residents, letting them know why dolphins suffer in captivity. $50 dollars – can plaster Coffs Harbour with 140 stickers, displaying the message that dolphin captivity is cruel everywhere you look.
$75 dollars - can keep a billboard up for 5 days, reaching tourists and locals alike with a powerful anti-captivity message. $100 dollars – Blasts an influential radio ad to thousands of people for a massive 31 days – taking over the airwaves to convince the entire region there is a kinder way to treat dolphins.
$500 dollars - Funds a powerful school advocacy program, directly reaching 1,000 students in the classroom to educate the next generation about the cruelty of dolphin captivity. Other – helps put a team of activists on the ground in Coffs to flyer and sticker bomb, knock on doors, present to students and meet with top decision-makers in the region.
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